1. Do I have to put up a security deposit? No, not with a qualified co-signer.
  2. Do you do Payment Plans? Yes, payments plans are available.
  3. Do I have to come to Better Bonding to co-sign? Yes, this is a financial transaction. So to protect
    all parties involved, your appearance is required.
  4. Can I just give my credit card number over the telephone to pay my loved one's bond fee?
    Unfortunately, no, due to rabid credit card fraud in today's world we can not take a credit card
    number over the telephone. If you are using a credit card, you must appear in our office with photo
    identification along with the credit card.
  5. How long does it take to complete the Bail Application process with Better Bonding? 15-20 minutes.
  6. How long does it take for my loved one to be released? This time may very. Once the Intent to
    Bond is faxed to the jail, the jail will process the defendant for release. Usually takes 30 minutes to
    two(2) hours, however, this release time may be extended depending on the current situation at
    the jail at the time the bond is being processed.
  7. How long is a co-signer on the bond with a defendant? Better Bonding does not control when a
    defendant goes to court.A co-signer is on the bond until a settled disposition is reached in the
    case. The defendant  may be required to appear for multiple court dates.
  8. Do you accept car titles? No, not for any reason.
  9. Can you go to the jail and get my loved one's cash/credit card to pay for their bond fee? No, all
    property is release by an Inmate Release Form to a family member or friend by the inmate
  10. Is the bond fee refundable when the case is settled? Unless an additional security collateral
    deposit was paid,  the bond fee paid is for the service provided to the defendant to remain out on
    bond while the charges were pending.
  11. What are generals requirements to be a co-signer? Resident of Georgia(must have valid Georgia
    driver's license or Georgia state issued identification card) , 25 years of age, employed or retired
    with verifiable income, proof of residency, proof of social security number.
  12. Can you recommend an attorney? No, it is illegal in the state of Georgia for us to recommend an
  13. Can you get a message to my loved one? No, the only way to communicate is by way of accepting
    collect calls from your loved one from the jail.
  14. Do you have the number to the jail? Yes, the number 770) 716-4720
  15. Can you tell my loved one's court date before we bond them out? Every situation is different and
    unless it is a municipal case, court dates are not predetermined.
  16. I don't see my question here, can I call Better Bonding? Absolutely! Unlike chain companies,we do
    not utilize an answering service. If you call and get our personal voice mail, generally it is because
    we are in court or in the jail or on the other line. Please leave your name and number so we can
    give you a call back and tend to your needs we look forward to speaking to you.
  17. What forms of payment can be used to pay the bond fee? Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check
    (Sorry, no personal checks accepted) Bank Debit Card, Visa Card, Master Card. WE DO NOT
    ACCEPT American Express, Discover or EBT(Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards.